September 1, 2022

I've been on a keto/carnivore diet for the last 4 months where I eat high fat and very low carb. I have to say this diet is working great for me so far.  I eat mainly fatty meat (e.g. ribeye), eggs, and cheese. I don't count calories and eat as much of them as I want.

I've lost around 25lbs so far (from 185 to 160) on this diet.  I'm pretty much at my ideal weight currently …

Home Base

August 21, 2022

After almost 7 years straight of living a full-time digital nomad lifestyle abroad, I've finally decided to head back to the US and establish a home base late last year in a new state.

The main thing that got me thinking about it was the pandemic. I'm glad things are back to normal now in most places, but in case some new pandemic or emergency comes up again, it would be nice to have a permanent …

How to enable 2FA in the Django admin

July 14, 2021

I remember the first time I've used 2FA (two-factor authentication) was over 12 years ago when I worked as a sysadmin/netadmin in a Windows environment.  We had to purchase this RSA appliance/server and pay separate licenses for each user in the system.

Back in those days, we also used these keyfobs with a simple screen showing the 6-digit number that automatically refreshes every x seconds.  I actually thought those were really cool and when they …

How to compress PDF files on Ubuntu Linux with Ghostscript

March 28, 2021

This is something I have to do from time to time especially around tax season as I tend to get scanned documents in PDF format which are just unnecessarily too big in size.

I like to keep important documents in smaller sizes as I keep them archived for a long a time and they add up.  I want to be able to quickly download or upload them somewhere even with a slow internet connection.

I …

How to bulk unfollow people on Twitter through your web browser

October 4, 2020

I wanted to do some cleanup for a couple of Twitter accounts I use last night as I'm following too many people.  One account has thousands of them which would of course take a long time to do manually.

Normally, I'd just write a Python script and do it via the API but I decided to do a quick search to see if there's an easier way.

It turned out, there is!  I found this nice …